Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sarcastic Gamer Site

One of my Artificial Intelligence students presented a paper on gestural recognition at the end of the last term and included a parody video about microsoft's table computer. It was hilarious so I'm posting it here. It also lead me to a great website called Sarcastic Gamer. (

Sarcastic Gamer is a decent video game blog with funny postings from the gamer front. Full of in jokes and commentary, it's refreshing to see a productive outlet from the primarily consumptive gaming audience. They also have a great selection of audio podcasts from gamers about games. Great listening fun.

Here's that parody video...


farmville tops the charts

So I have been interested in facebook app games for some time now and when looking for recent news I came across a post in Bruce Sterling's blog for wired, "Beyond the Beyond" where he describes farmville as the biggest game in america.

His post links back to this great article ( that gets at the under belly of games like this. I love the label sociopathic corporation... it really works to characterize the relationship between the players and the played.

I also found this article from LA Times that covers more of the economics of farmville. (