Monday, February 1, 2010

And so it begins...

Today I finally got around to setting up the blog for my HCI class. It is my hope that this blog persists beyond the class but we'll see how it goes. The name of the blog is "Digital Plague" which comes from a series of ideas related to the role that computers play in our lives. Yes, I do have a unique viewpoint... Sometimes I tell my AI students that I work towards understanding Artificial Intelligence so that I can fight effectively on behalf of the humans when the human/robot war comes :).

Imagine that the computer is already a life form... not so much an organism but more like a mold one that is spreading across the surface clustering around nodes of human expression and interaction. Every day more and more computational elements are coming online and staying there. Will we live to witness human limbs atrophy and perish as the interface becomes complete? Let us hope for metal legs in the bargain.

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