Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Participation TV

We selected the Participation TV project for our Wednesday presentation. Here's is my take that I posted to the group on Tuesday. Also to the right is one of our cardboard cameras.

We can use the projector to display a theoretical performance on stage... I suggest we have 2 cardboard cameras on tripods with one of them actually wired with laptop and camera. We should also have a cardboard mixing station.

Here's an example of how the sketch could run.

Short explanation before sketch:
We have designed a participant based video documentation system for use in live performance venues which gives the audience members the tools and ability to document the show their seeing in an immediate and collective way for streaming live or archiving for posterity.

Scene 1:
Team 8 announces an innovation in audience participation and event documentation coming to a performance space near you. Introducing Participation TV. Let's see how it works.

Cut to scene 2:
(participant 1 approaches a camera chair while looking up at the performance on the screen)
participant 1:
Wow look I can sit at this cool camera chair and film the show while I watch! It's got effects and everything! I can even enter my name and it automatically goes into the credits... This is gonna be awesome!

Cut to scene 3:
(participant 1 and participant 2 are both in camera chairs filming the action on the screen... definitely enjoying themselves)
With Participation TV, your performances get live action archived by the volunteers right out of your audience. Participation TV makes documentation easy and fun. But wait there's more:

Cut to scene 4:
(participant 3 walks up to the mixing deck in the middle row, participants 1 and 2 are still busy filming away)
participant 3:
Wow I get to be the mixer tonight. This show is awesome and I'm gonna mix it up right. I think it will be cool to cut those hi-rez chair cams with all of the low-rez smartphone streams coming over bluetooth. Talk about audience participation!

Cut to scene 5:
(participants 1 and 2 keep filming and participant 3 is live mixing while the show continues on)
With Participation TV you can archive all live signals separately as well as stream the live mix out to other monitors or live over the internet. Participation TV helps you help your audience capture your events.

cut to scene 6:
(viewer at home watches mixed signal live on their home computer)
What a great show! It almost feels like I'm really there. What will Team 8 think of next?

suggested to do list:
create storyboards (cover at least the 6 scenes mentioned above)
construct cardboard cameras (coordinate with whoever's doing the camera screen shot)
construct cardboard mixer (coordinate with whoever's doing the mixer screen shots)
create screen shots:
camera user interface including (login screen, live shot, user controls and effects)
think netbook or laptop screen

mixer interface screen maybe 3 or 4 iPads networked together touch screen interface
could simply be another laptop or computer with multiple screens

end user at home interface (laptop screen) could show mixed signal with the independent
signals selectable (could be shown on the laptop in the sketch)
create performance video for the screen(we have some footage)
write up the sketch(document the technology) include shots of all of the props, shots of the sketch
storyboards, preparation materials for the sketch, screen shots, team member photos and bios...
Team 8 logo... be elaborate(this piece can be delivered after the sketch is done via our journals)

Who can do what:
I would like to build the cameras I can use a laptop and webcam.

Example images from the venue and video
I've attached some pics sorry they're not great,
so far documentation has not been our strong suit

here's some videos as well
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