Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Noobie Blogging Blues

So this is my first blog and I feel like I should be putting more down beyond the classwork and my projects... More like incidental ideas, experiences and epiphanies... Most of that stuff makes it into my paper journals so here I'll attempt to render some of that work.

Make games to play while crying or sad, catharthis games

HCI T-shirt ideas:
"How many passwords does it take you to get thru 1 day?"
"How many passwords do you have?"
"What's your password?"

Slow Computing idea
Slow mail re brand snail mail.... Make an email site that simulates the delay inherent in ground based mail delivery... make it take 3 + days to get there... alert the receiver that it is coming... visualize the route it takes from server to server but stretch the route over the target time period. You can watch it's progress like a UPS or FEDEX delivery. Make the email come with a visual envelope that you can save with the email... enable visual attachments as well as envelope decorations

Data Loss
Lost a hard drive the other day full of movies... some back ups of work but mostly movies and tv shows... A severe dent in the archive maybe 800 gigs but you cant really cry over losing someone else's data.

Digitization is Destruction

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