Friday, February 5, 2010

Week 3 Presentation

Here's a slideshow I made for our group's presentation for week 3. This was our first deliverable since the in class sketching experiment and it was a bit rough around the edges. Paul seems to be coasting in towards graduation with a confidence that defies his potential engagement. Don has been overly worried about the form of our output, trying to get a formal wrapper around the whole thing so it could be presented in a rational formal context. I rebelled against his slide show feeling like we didn't have a whole lot decided about the meaning of our collaboration and that a looser approach seemed intuitive. I was compelled to describe our experience of the process as opposed to what we mean already... I feel like we're just getting together, the lights turned on and the rapport established... sure we're brushing around ideas, but if feels more like general directions than scenarios. This next project has us each coming to the meeting with 3 scenarios like we tried to do in class during the first sketch. Hopefully we can move on to idea selection and get to designing the experience during this meeting, giving us a couple days to implement some good features to the sketch... I've already got a head mounted display. I feel like my class combination this semester is really good.

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