Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So our HCI group met on Monday to discuss the class and the presentation we were asked to provide in the next class. It sounds like kind of a status report from our group with respect to the group project. We spent some initial time discussing the class in general and then got down to business. The "ideation funnel" seemed to be a good initial point of reference for our brainstorm. I found a bunch of funnel images and this one seemed to fit with my understanding of where we might be in the design process.

At first it seemed like Don and I were hogging the floor with i
deas and problems and heuristics and goals. Paul was listening but quiet. He wasn't sure where all of this was going and had some basic concerns and questions. For example:

How much of this do we have to actually make, given our finite time and "no resources"?
An answer to this referred to the Wizard of Oz talk from class as
well as suggesting that the more we can make the better. I also felt the need to clarify that we have lots of resources. I mentioned the computers and iphones as well as a performance venue downtown, multiple art spaces, large groups of people we could test our ideas on.

What is Game as Life Life as Game?
As a volunteer dev team member last term, I was able to explain my understanding of the GALLAG system as well as a short list of scenarios I've been cooking up for it. (i.e. a dishwashing community game, a creative productivity game, a community spaceship gam
e, an artspace game, an AR game called Digital Plague and an art collector game.)

I felt like we are at the beginning of a process, getting the lights turned on, getting familiar with each other, our backgrounds, our skill base, setting up regular meeting times and getting the ideas flowing.

After addressing Paul's concerns he began to flow too. By the end of our first meeting, the conversation was really balanced across the table. We met for longer than planned and I felt energized and inspired.

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